We are a group of, let us say this, talented youngsters who are doing business in Pakistan since our teenage, the age of  “Meray Aziz Hamwatno” of 1999.  We are into e-business since Sheikh Rasheed promised the Pindi Boys of Lai Express.

All our life we have done Kuch B ensuring we maintain the pace with latest technological developments and trends. Our team is based across the globe in Australia, K.S.A, U.A.E, U.K, Sweden and Pakistan.

Team Khawari

Our team Khawari is based in all major cities of Pakistan. They are in contact with the manufacturers and importers of all major product categories. Their only objective is to spare you from all the Khawari of finding the required quality product at lowest available price.


Well, the name tells it all. Order Kuch B is a platform; a provider that lets you order anything, even if it is not listed in our products section.

Kuch B Mangwa Lo

We save our customers from all the hassle of exploring hundreds and thousands of products online and dozens of online platform to find the product that meets their requirement. Our customer can simply Whatsapp us the details or a photo of required item. Our team Khawari will search for it in the market and with the importers and manufacturers. They will get back to the customer with all the details and after the confirmation, the order will be processed.

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Cosmetics, Makeup Brushes, Mascara, Eye Liners, Lipsticks
Health & Beauty, Hair Care, Skin Care, 
Women Fashion, lingerie, bras
Electronics, Furniture and Fixtures, Home and Living

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