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We offer best Price in Pakistan of Guaranteed Original Dr Rashel products. All product is made of the best ingredients and you can check the authenticity of the products by scanning QR with any mobile application. Use as per recommended guidelines on the product packages or chat with our representatives who will provide you solution as per your skin conditions.

Dr Rashel Best Selling Products:

We offer some best selling range of Dr Rashel Original Products with best price in Pakistan:

Dr Rashel Vitamin C kit

Dr Rashel Whitening Kit

  • 100% original best selling products


Product Guidelines:

A lot of customers have bought it and shared the positive reviews. Still some of the customers are confused on how to use it. So to make customers more confident and comfortable to use Dr Rashel Products, our team has compiled a blog to guide you how to use these products to have better results.

Based on reviews we have given below some guidelines:

  1. Always read the guidelines on the Dr Rashel product packaging and follow the guidelines for best results.
  2. The kit contains different products and each product has its own benefits and methods to use; follow that
  3. Keep the kit away from heat and keep it at or below room temperature to maintain its effectiveness for long time.

Pro Tip: “When it comes to skincare, correct layering of products is essential. The general rule of thumb is to apply products based on their viscosity, so start with the thinnest product and finish with the heaviest or thickest.”

Follow the link below to know more detailed guidelines

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